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Seriously if you are just going to be negative about the show and be ungrateful for everything Hasbro did for you, can you please just leave? K thanks bye.

Before everyone gets their knickers in a twist, no I am not against people pointing out the flaws in an episode or nitpicking for fun, but when people start focusing on the negative without considering any positive aspects of the show, it really grinds my gears.

I don't understand why this issue is not tackled enough in the fandom because it is seriously running the risk of destroying it from the inside. I can understand why :iconmrenter: was so concerned about this problem. When he gave Crystal Empire a good review people started bitching about how he is a bad reviewer just because he liked that episode, really? I happen to like the episode too despite it's flaws, does that make me a bad fan then?

MLP did not die just because Twilight grew wings. She is still the same Twilight from the previous seasons, in fact I think her character got better in season 4. She is still hanging out with her friends rather than doing the 'princessy' things you so dreaded, but you still complain. Hmmm I wonder what fandom the Brony community is starting to resemble?

What makes season 1 soooo much better than the other seasons? If you ask me the Mane 6 were considerably less developed, which is understandable because it was the first season but still. There was the issue of Twilight being shoehorned into every single episode, while it improved in season 2 it still happened. The start of season 3 onwards honestly felt like a breath of fresh air to me, I felt that there were less cringe worthy episodes and that the characters had developed significantly. Also I hate it when some Bronies are saying things like 'BAAAAW Twilight's kingdom had explosions, they only want attention from the viewer!!!!111!', I mean, doesn't that apply to every form of media? And guess what? MLP promotes toys in the episodes because it is based on a toy, GASP!!!

The bile that is aimed towards the Mane 6, the characters that brought your beloved show into existence, also really saddens me. I remember one unpleasant experience when I looked at the comment section of a NEUTRAL Rainbow Dash stamp, and I saw endless comments talking about how Rainbow Dash is a bitch and should die. I mean do you ever consider the good aspects of Rainbow's character or her achievements? Yeah Rainbow Dash should be killed even though she gave up her dream job because it put her friends lives at risk in 'Wonderbolts Academy'. And before you complain that she 'sold her friend into slavery' in 'Trade Ya', all the characters in that episode apart from Twilight were acting really immaturely. Seriously the 'fans' act as though she is a real person who did something so horrible to them, even though she's fictional. The same sort of hate can apply to everyone in the Mane 6 but if I explained it all I would be here all day.

People are also complaining that the characters constantly go against their element but guess what, if they followed their elements perfectly the show would get boring really quickly. There needs to be conflict and the characters get to learn more about their element after making mistakes. Also some bronies are really biased towards their favourite character, if Rarity or Applejack go against their element they whine, but if Fluttershy goes against her element like in 'Putting your Hoof Down', 'It's Iron Will's fault!!!11'

And finally what is so horrible about Equestria Girls? Seriously it's a SPIN OFF, it's not changing anything about the original show. The actual films themselves are not that bad, in fact I think 'Rainbow Rocks' is awesome. The characters are still in character and the designs are not half bad either, I like the humour too. Spike is also at his best here, even though he's a dog.

But yeah what I'm trying to say is, the MLP fandom is being overrun by 'season wunners' who think that the show is dead just because of some minor changes. I can understand people becoming disinterested in the show over time but when they just sit there and complain it drives me and all the decent members of this fandom insane. It's the reason I don't watch many MLP FIM reviewers, yes there are a few which are actually good and look at both sides of the coin but then there are those 'analysts' who just scream into the microphone about petty issues that really shouldn't destroy an entire episode.  

Anyways I hope you enjoyed my rant, this issue was just really getting to me so I felt that I just had to let it all out.
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